Why start Bring Back Bunty?

Todays comics for girls: pink, pink and more pink…

First posted March 2011:
I’m at the beginning of my research into girls comics.


In my local newsagents this is what is on offer. A pile of pink branded magazines, no wonder my daughter reads The Beano instead.

Why do all the comics have to be so commercial? Surely there’s a market out there for a story based comic?

I’ve started a thread on Mumsnet (here), to see how other parents feel about this; I’m also in the process of finding links online to girls comics and their demise…


2 thoughts on “Why start Bring Back Bunty?

  1. we loved Bunty so much that my boyfriend at that time wrote a song about one of the characters, “Melody Lee, a dancer she’ll be”. It was released by a band called the Damned and it is still popular. When the story had finished we went to fleet street to do a demonstration with banners, saying “Bring back Melody Lee” and “Bunty unfair to readers”. Unfortunately there was only 3 of us and nobody took any notice. In the evening though we went to a gig of Sid Vicious and his girlfriend Nancy said “who is Melody Lee, Sid?”, and another song with that title was written. You see, Bunty is more famous than you thought and it should be back. I’d do anything to read the story Melody Lee again and so would Captain Sensible of the Damned
    cheers, Cursty

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