Hatching of The Phoenix

Last weekend we were very privileged to be invited to the launch party of the latest kids comic to hit the news-stands, The Phoenix, at The Story Museum in Oxford.


It was an exciting day, not only was it the launch party but Issue one was due any moment and there was an eight-page oull-out in The Times to be had. Luckily for us, just minutes before we were to leave the postman arrived with Issue one, which was duly read in the car on the way.

We had a really lovely time in Oxford. It was great to meet many of the amazing writers, illustrators, creatives and Phoenix staff involved in the comic. Niamh had enormous fun gathering as many autographs as she could, and the delicious selection of cakes added to the delight of the afternoon – thank you so much for the invite!


The children really do like the The Phoenix, it is full of potential (and fabulous stories) and we wish it every success for the future. 

You can read more about The Phoenix launch party here.



It’s all very well us ‘oldies’ wanting a return to the traditional comics of our childhoods… BBB has been busy over the past couple of months asking children for their views on comics and magazines. We have an enormous pile of questionnaires to get through and we hope to publish the childrens’ thoughts in the coming weeks.


1 thought on “Hatching of The Phoenix

  1. Hello, just started looking at blogs on mumsnet. I can’t remember reading that many comics when I was girl but I do remember reading the Beano. I agree with you that the range of comics on offer for boys and girls is pretty dire. They all come with ‘merchandise’ and more than not, are based on TV characters. I looked at the Phoenix, however, a bit disappointed that the writing is in caps. Why? That alone has put me off but I may still get a copy… don’t they realise that children are being taught to write properly at school and capitals are just baffling and a bit like reading the SUN, innit? Anyway, thank you for your blog.Ash

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