Holiday reads

First day of the Summer holidays and the kids went to buy some magazines. My six year old son was spoilt for choice and happily decided upon “Doctor Who Adventures”. But for my nine year old daughter it was a different story. There was nothing to interest her, one title she did want, “Moshi Monsters Magazine” wasn’t yet available, so she ended up with a puzzle magazine instead.

This happens all the time, poor kid!


2 thoughts on “Holiday reads

  1. Hi I’m ooteeny’s partner.We had looked in the local Spar the day previous, but decided we’d do WHSmiths on the day Moshi Monsters came out instead. In both shops, there is such a defined line from Pinky Free Plastic Trash to PopStar Free Plastic Trash – really disappointing that publishers can’t see something to go outside of these options.The puzzle magazine wasn’t bad, but it was just poor compensation for a frustrated 9 year old girl. It seems that things will continue to get worse as if she doesn’t get into the celebrity culture (let’s hope so) what is there?

  2. Have watched the demise of the comic over the years and often scan the shelves out of curiosity and nostalgia. Perhaps I just don’t get it any more or society has moved on in many directions that I find disappointing. I agree with Trevor. Too much trashy gimmicks on the covers, too much exploitation of kids as a potential market for ‘stuff’, not enough content inside the covers. Sadly I think it’s all driven by money and until that changes we’re stuck with glossy rubbish. Sorry to hear your daughter didn’t get the excitement of a Summer Special. Bring it back.

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