Heaps of comics

After a mammoth 2 and a half weeks off the kids are back in school (yay!). Over the hols I have been mulling over the comics of our childhood with friends and fellow parents.

It seems most of us had regular access to comics back-in-the-day. Some of us bought our own copies with pocket money, others picked them up from the newsagents where they had been reserved (my own copies of Bunty had our surname written top right), and just a few subscribed weekly. We all read our brothers or sisters comics; we read them at friends, neighbours and relatives houses; we read them at sleep-overs; we poured over annuals all year long; and re-read great piles of comics when we couldn’t get to sleep. Most of our bedrooms had a large heap of comics stored somewhere, and we read a huge selection of titles. I feel for this generation missing out on all those wonderful, creative stories; it’s such a shame that the variety we had isn’t there anymore.

On a happier note, my daughter had the pleasure of reading Mo-Bot High this week, she loved it so much, she wants to know when book 2 is available!

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