Bring back Bunty


I have a thing about childrens’ comics…

My daughter loves to read, we spend a small fortune on books and always have a pile of them borrowed from the local library – thanks goodness for libraries! When she was younger we also regularly bought comics.

Now she’s nine we cannot find a comic to suit her. She is an ‘average’ girl, who enjoys stories and most things that nine years olds do. She is not into the latest pop-star fad, is not too concerned about fashion and is not overly fond of horses, animals or bugs – which is what the majority of comics for her age are filled with. She does love ‘The Beano’, but finds it slightly masculine and refuses to buy it when it comes with a “boy-ey” (her words) free gift – which is often.

When I was a gal… We had Bunty. Now I’m not a massive Bunty fan, but I had it for years, and what I loved about it was the stories. It was jam-packed with them, and they were varied and exciting (if a little Enid Blyton at times, but this was the 70’s after all). A comic full of stories, like Bunty, would be perfect. I know she would adore it and buy it every week.

Calling all publishers, I see a gap in the market, please fill it before my daughter is too old!


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2 thoughts on “Bring back Bunty

  1. I Loved "Bunty" when I was younger, & eagerly awaited it’s arrival. It was a real treat!..During the 70s, I entered a competition to write stories for "Bunty".I didn’t win, but re-reading it all over again for my "research" got me hooked all over again !. I would love to see "Bunty" return; not just for my pleasure, but there is such a huge gap in the market for exciting stories, in a comic format, for young girls….Bring Back Bunty!.

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